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Dan Lockton’s Architectures of Control blog is a must-read for anyone interested in the interface between design and psychology. In a recent post welcoming new readers Dan explains what the blog is about: Most of the posts look at ‚Äòarchitectures of control‚Äò designed into products, systems and environments, which seek…


People are often like homes. More is spent on changing existing buildings than on building new. Three forces changing buildings: technology, money, fashion. When I was young, iron was smelted in my small east coast fishing town, you could see the sparks, you could hear the whine, it seemed incredible the environments of working life,Continue reading “FORMATIVE YEARS II”

Formative Years I

Preamble It is not the wolf that chooses the hunting ground, it is the hunter – Enemy at the Gates (2001)  The Wikipedia type timeline music documentary seems quite prevalent at the moment, which is fine, so I’ll use it, incorporate it, pinch it, and abuse it here. Who am I? What do I, What can IContinue reading “Formative Years I”