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Dan Lockton’s Architectures of Control blog is a must-read for anyone interested in the interface between design and psychology. In a recent post welcoming new readers Dan explains what the blog is about:

Most of the posts look at ‘architectures of control‘ designed into products, systems and environments, which seek to force the user to behave in a certain way. It’s something of a broad concept, embodying aspects of computer science, interaction design, architecture, psychology, politics, marketing, economics and counterculture alongside product design and engineering

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My interests lie in technology, creativity, learning, and management - probably in that order...
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  1. Mais uma coisa. Caso vocu00ea ju00e1 tenha as pu00e1ginas numeradas, poru00e9m houve alterau00e7u00e3o na quantidade de pu00e1ginas antes da qual a numerau00e7u00e3o iria comeu00e7ar, o jeito u00e9 desfazer tudo (deletar a quebra manual feita anteriormente) e repetir o procedimento explicado acima… Come on

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